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Yesterday, while getting a pedicure, I witnessed a woman get up from the pedicure chair and expose the bottom ridge of her panties as they actually hung lower THAN HER SHORTS! Yes, this 30-something, otherwise lovely lady, was wearing shorts so short, her flowered, cotton bikini panties were hanging out….
Uuugghh yeah! Not even kidding.

So let’s talk shorts!

Being a girl who spent 9 years in Catholic school, we were never allowed to wear shorts to school, but we did have one tried-and-true rule that has served me all my life.

unnamedThe perfect length is all at your fingertips!

It’s just that simple. Shorts, and skirts for that matter, with bare legs, should reach the edge of your fingertips – at the very least – when extended by your side. Now, if you have on tights or leggings, things can be shorter, but this fingertip length will allow you to bend over without shame and withstand a strong wind gust or two without embarrassment in shorts or rompers.

Now, this length will be different for every woman. For some, shorts will have a 5″ inseam and for others a 6″ or 7″. Your length is based on the length of your arms, but this general rule is a good one for almost everyone.

I mean… why do they need to be shorter???? What’s the point???? Shorter than fingertip length doesn’t make your legs look better or appear more fashionable. Shorter just gets more inappropriate attention and that’s really all.

I know it’s shorts season and none of us want to have our panties hang out, so “keep it classy” y’all. It’s all at your fingertips.

You can do this.

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