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NY Fashion Week

One of the ONLY fun things about New York in February is Fashion Week. Through the snow and slush, fashion journalists, stylists and critics alike gather to view the latest artistic creations of seasoned and budding players in the fashion world. It’s exciting, chic and fleeting.

We aren’t even half-way through the designer collections and already there are three very strong trends that we budget-conscious fashionistas will be able to translate to our own real lives and paychecks. We have something for the spunky, the sexy and the comfy set.

1. The first is ruffles – lots of them – especially on the sleeves. There are actually ruffles happening everywhere, but sleeves are taking the spotlight. Just as we have seen the return of the shoulder pad, ruffles seem to be one additional, spunky way to add volume to the shoulders and arms of women. There seems to be a definite correlation with the current women’s movement and the desire for designers to have dames look more strong and formidable. It’s certainly interesting.

2. Sheer is the new black! Every thing has sheer, tulle, illusion, and net-like details. This is true of what I saw in Paris as well. Showgirl-illusion, sheer layers and details continue to dominate designer dresses. Often, you think you are seeing skin, but in fact it’s an illusion fabric that is nude. This is sexy and really showcases beaded or embroidery detail beautifully. This fabric trick is great for mature skin, because it looks revealing, but in fact you are covered up. I love this.

3. The last trend is super-comfy, but not too flattering. Lots of designers are showing items that are oversized. Big trousers, blouses and dresses with very little shape or form are being seen on almost every runway. This type of dressing can be very deceiving because it actually makes you appear much larger than you are. Though comfortable and a total throwback to wearing oversized hand-me-downs as a kid, this trend should be handled with care. You want to wear clothes…clothes shouldn’t wear you.