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Makeup Application Glasses

IMG_6083Never have a blind eye when it comes to your makeup!!

Are you someone who has stopped wearing eye makeup because you can’t see to put it on? Maybe you struggle to apply your makeup while wearing your glasses and are tired of fumbling with tools AND your spectacles at the same time!

Well, as I live and breathe — necessity is the mother of invention — and I’m here to tell you there are now several different versions of makeup application eyeglasses!

These are glasses that allow you to either rotate a lens from one eye to the other OR flip down one lens at a time to EXPOSE one eye for application and offer a magnification lens on the other! These are genius!

I have so many ladies in my life who have to travel with a magnification mirror or need two, even three different mirror strengths to put on their makeup, groom their eyebrows and fix their hair! It’s like mirror roulette in the morning!

IMG_6084These makeup application eyeglasses are the perfect solution for ladies who have given up on eye makeup or struggle with different mirrors to effectively see for application and grooming needs.
They come in several strengths and cute styles, so Google MAKEUP APPLICATION EYEGLASSES and discover the version that is best for you!

No need to go another day not looking your best! You can do this!!