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High Waisted Flare Leg Jeans!

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This week wraps up fashion month as  Paris has it’s last few shows. Now that New York, London, Milan and Parisian designers are starting to ship out their latest shown designs to stores world wide, there is one trend that stands out as a major game changer for most women.


Yep, HWFL jeans were seen everywhere from the runways, to the street style of the models, on fashion editors and show guests from all walks of life.  For some of us, this is welcomed news as these days we tend to care more about what we put on our cell phone than our bodies….but jeans, well, we all care about jeans.

I’ve talked to you before about wider leg pants making a return, but many of us have been slow to let go of our favorite skinny jeans. We may have purchased a wider leg trouser, or added a wide leg jumpsuit to our wardrobe, but our jeans have remained the same….SKINNY. It has often been impossible to find anything else but skinny jeans in stores. But with all 4 fashion weeks solidifying the trend, more options at lower price points are sure to follow suit.

So why would you choose a HWFL jean? Who looks good in these?

If you want to look taller and balance out a plump tushy and tummy, the HWFL jean trend is for you. If you want to create the look of a smaller waist line with blouses, tops and jackets that are fitted, tuck in and are shorter, the HWFL jean trend is for you.  If you are sick of drowning in oversized tops and super tight bottoms, the HWFL jean trend is for you. And if you are looking to just change one thing this season that will make a huge impact on your wardrobe and have you looking fashion forward, this HWFL jean trend is for you!

Don’t be afraid. Be the first in your circle. You’ll look incredible!