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Helmet Hair

It’s the time of year when all of our activities seem to require a helmet.  This weekend alone, I had three different helmets on – one for biking, one for a scooter rental and one for riding my horse. I hate the helmet-hair aftermath that comes from wearing a helmet, so I wanted to share my favorite tip for a fabulous look once the helmet comes off…

Pin curls!!

Before the helmet goes on, section your hair and create simple pin curls. You can find instructions on the internet, or just ask your grandma.  It’s just a matter of wrapping your hair around your finger, sliding it off and then pinning it down.

I section my hair into 6 pieces, make six pin curls and apply my helmet. When you’re through riding, remove the helmet, remove the pins, and viola!  You’ve got fabulous hair!

It’s super-easy, and this technique can be used in a variety of situations.  This is also what I do when I wear a hat to a wedding.  I pin-curl the top for the ceremony, and then slip into the bathroom to remove my hat and pins afterward for fabulous reception hair!

You can do it!