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Going Gray… LITERALLY!

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Going Gray….LITERALLY!

For decades women have been fighting the battle against gray hair.  In fact it has been said that hair dye is the most liberating development for women this century as it allows any women to inexpensively extend her youth, by covering up her gray.

But today’s hot hair trend??? You guessed it….total gray.  Keep in mind that this trend looks amazing when worn juxtaposed to a youthful wardrobe and spirit. This isn’t about putting on the granny panties and rushing to be older. This trend is about rocking amazing, gorgeous, shiny SILVER hair with a rock-n-roll flair and youthful nod.

If you are starting to go gray, or contemplating going platinum, this could be a modern option that is sure to turn many heads of all colors.

If you have the courage, please send me a pic! (Wink!)