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Genie Pants

The hottest summer trend this season is genie (or harem) pants!

If you’ve already done your “hammer time,” you might not think genie pants are right for you, but the truth is, anyone can wear this style. It’s all about what you pair with it.

You have to think of these poofy britches like you would a full skirt. Would you wear a full skirt with a swing top or oversized tee? No. When you wear anything with volume on your lower half, you need to pair it with slim cut tops that create shape through the waist.

These genie pants often come in beautiful scarf-like patterns, so simple solid-colored tops make the prefect frame to show off the artistic flair of your pants.

The other important pairing aspect is your shoes. Skip the sneakers, Doc Martins or slides, and think light, open and airy sandals and heels. Nothing clunky will work when it comes to putting an outfit together with your genies. I love the look with heels and a nicer, slim top for a casual evening!

This is a fun, flattering trend that you can enjoy this summer. Don’t spend too much, but try a pair of genies and I think you’ll be hooked.

You can do it.