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Design Your Own Sneakers


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Designing Your New Sneakers

If you are headed back to school….or not, you still want to look stylish, hip and unique. Nobody likes looking like everyone else and there are many websites these days that let you design your own items for extra personalization. But my favorite of these will have you and your friends or kiddos knee deep in crazy cool. Get Ready!


You can now design your own converse sneakers! But not just the colors and the laces, you can upload photos or graphics, you can identify over A DOZEN elements of the sneakers for personalizing. Everything from the shoelace eyelets, to the lining and soles. You will never have more fun on a computer than building your own sneakers.

There are quite literally millions of options because you can up load your own stuff. It’s amazing. And it’s the perfect time of year to get yourself some new sneaks and make ’em awesome!

I’ve loaded the info on my Pinterest page. Having your own style has never been easier or more fun!