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The Easiest Closet Makeover You’ll Ever Have

IMG_6427It’s so simple, yet so epic! Ever heard of light therapy??? You may need it for your closet…and wardrobe!

I was working with a private client this weekend, and she (like many women) had a small, reach-in closet that she constantly struggled with. She only wore 10-20% of her wardrobe and she despised her closet and her clothes, because getting dressed was such a chore.

The first thing I realized when taking stock of her closet was that the small space had ZERO light. ZERO! LIKE NONE! So every day, she struggled to even see what she was grabbing in front of her, much less what her options were at either end of the small 50’s bungalow-style closet.

No matter the size of your closet – small, medium or colossal – the most important thing you can do is to make it bright. Really bright! I cannot stress this enough. This shift alone will change everything about how you approach your closet and how you get dressed. If your closet space is super well-lit, you are keenly aware of your clothes, your options, the mess you have or the order you’ve created. You feel more uplifted by the bright space. You need light to be creative and courageous when it comes to your clothes.

For my client, we rigged up several can lights to a power strip and brightened the entire space. The difference was hugely dramatic and cannot be understated. This simple $40 shift changed everything. She couldn’t believe it. Her new, organized, BRIGHT closet is a joy to open and a pleasure to get dressed out of.

If you hate your closet and dread getting “dressed,” try this simple trick. Add a flood of light to your closet and see what a huge difference light therapy can make on how you approach your wardrobe and the task of picking out an outfit.IMG_6425

You can do it!