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Body Wraps!


Okay, so if you’ve ever thought about doing a “quick fix,” “loose an inch in an hour,” swaddle yourself in Saran Wrap and wake up skinny, body wrap, I’m here to tell ya… it works!

Pinterest is full of at home DIY body treatments that require you to slather on lotions and potions and then wrap yourself with plastic wrap and either sleep in it or leave it on for as long as you can take it. Once you remove the wrap, you are new and improved.

Well, we all have a wedding, a reunion, a hot date or big event that we want to look great for and I am prepping for the Emmys, so I decided to try a wrap on my thighs.

I was in a very bad accident a few years back and I have severe muscle atrophy in my upper thigh, so I thought a wrap could help tighten the skin a bit and hopefully shrink the area while I’m at it.

There are several different recipes on line, but I found the main ingredients should produce heat, like a Bengay, Vic’s Vapor Rub, or Preparation H. Many recipes call for freshly ground ginger and/or coffee mixed with a firming lotion of some kind.

You rub a healthy heap of your concoction on the targeted area and wrap snugly with plastic wrap. Leave it on for as long as you can and release.

I am not sure how long these results will last, but I think this targeted effort really can provide quick results. I woke up and can totally see a difference in my thighs.  I’m going to try my arms next. I’ll keep you posted on how long my legs stay smooth. I’m psyched to have this in my party arsenal of quick fixes.

Try it!  Let me know what you think…

The Night Before

photo 2 (4)

Wrapped for 90 Minutes

photo 1 (3)

Morning After

photo 3 (3)