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The weather is getting warmer, and we are all feeling the need to lighten up! We want to shed our winter pounds, toss off our winter clothes, lighten our hair and feel the sunshine.

The one foolproof way to feel and look summer-ready is to go a little lighter and brighter with your hair by adding some highlights. This year, when you’re adding some sun-touched kisses to your hair… ask for balayage!

No, it’s not a Las Vegas casino or tropical destination. Balayage is a highlighting technique that won’t leave you with hard root lines or the need for touch ups. It’s literally hair painting.

There are no roots or foils involved. In fact, this is the one technique that is pretty easy to try at home. I actually do my own balayage with box color that’s two shades lighter than my current shade and a pair of gloves.

The trick is to wash and blow-dry your hair, and straighten it. This way you can see exactly where you want to add the lighter color. For me, this is the big difference in getting the color perfect… you have to do your hair BEFORE you color it. Then you take small sections and apply the dye starting at the tips and working toward the top of your head. Begin with the hair around your face so the dye is left on the longest, and simply follow the other instructions on the box.

Again, this color technique is not about doing a full head of highlights. It’s about “painting” on a sun-touched glow. There are lots of balayage tutorials on YouTube and photos on Pinterest. The results can be beautiful, and it really is easy… and under $20!

Give it a try. You can do it.