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5 Festival Essentials

The 5 essentials for festival season!


Coachella, JazzFest, Burning Man, BayFest, Pride and on and on and on….April is the kick-off of festival season and I’ve got the 5 quick essentials that will keep you looking hip, feeling free and enjoying the festive vibes at your favorite festival.

1. GirlyGoGarter! The best festival sidekick ever created will hold up to 3 pounds of your stuff so you can enjoy the festivities HANDS AND PURSE FREE! Sexy freedom for all.

2. Groovy Gloss – Skip the heavy makeup and focus on a fabulous lipgloss that will brighten your smile and keep you looking polished even in the hot weather.

3. Festival Fedora – Stay cool literally and figuratively with a fabulous hat. It’ll keep the sun out of your eyes and up level your whole outfit.

4. Goggle Sunnies – big bug eye sunglasses are the shape and style dujour. Plus they truly help block the rays. Think fighter pilot circa 1940’s and shop for that sunglass look.

5. Metallic Freckles or Glitter – No festival look is complete without a little sparkle. I love the look of metallic freckles, but if you can’t find these, brush on or sprinkle on some real glitter for a pop of hippy chic fun.

Enjoy the festival!!