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3D-Printed Clothes

Back from Paris for only a few hours now, after visiting the world’s premiere TREND trade show for fashion and accessories. The trade show is called WHAT’S NEXT and it certainly didn’t disappoint, introducing new trends, innovations and improvements.

My big report is that 3D-printed clothes are destined to be something that everyone will have in their wardrobe for everything from special occasion dresses to lingerie and accessories.

3D printers are an amazing wave of the future, and patterns are now being created to print corsets, dresses, straps, fasteners, accessories and even fabric that can then be sewn.

Just as many homes today have sewing machines and creative people who can whip up a dress in an afternoon, eventually more and more homes will have 3D printers that can be programmed in minutes to create a new original design or work from an established pattern. The imagination and convenience of this is astonishing to think about.

The 3D “material” is currently mostly based in plastics, but innovation and advancements are changing this as well. The printed materials are promising that the comfort, flexibility, stretch, breathability and beauty of your 3D creations will also make them wearable.

It’s an amazing time y’all!!