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Consistently dressing for $100 or less is an exciting challenge that creates jaw-dropping intrigue from your friends! This workshop is perfect for women’s groups and conventions as it consists of instructing groups on how to create an entire fashion look for $100 or less, everyday, from head to toe. This session teaches:

  • The skills required in hunting, finding and determining a bargain for you and your wardrobe.
  • Knowing when and what fashion items you should invest in and what items can be considered disposable.
  • Applying shopping strategies to all modes of dress such as business attire, casual wear, special occasion dressing, winter and summer clothes.

Pulling it all together with tips on:

  • selective shopping
  • time management
  • closet organization
  • accessories collecting
  • garment care
  • cultural awareness

Closet Evaluation / Reorganization*

It is time to HONESTLY critique, weed out, let go and rework the wardrobe you already have!   This workshop will teach you how to go though your entire closet and:

  • evaluate what you already have
  • establish what works with YOUR body type
  • how to regroup your clothes, shoes, accessories and foundation garments to optimize your wardrobe
  • establish what key items would update what you already have
  • teach the art of mixing and matching

Wardrobe Building Strategies*

Andy reveals little known shopping secrets and strategies. Finding the best bargain for you is as easy as:

  • knowing where to shop
  • knowing how to shop for your body type
  • knowing the best times to shop
  • creating a shopping priority list for you and your closet
  • knowing the key “fit” tricks that will get you in and out of the fitting room and store
  • the fun of 20/20: twenty minutes a day and $20 bucks a week!

The Power of The Perfect Bra

Good fit, bad fit and how the right underwear can change your life! This workshop teaches:

  • the proper way to fit yourself for a bra
  • new foundation garment technologies and innovations
  • how your underwear can make you look ten pounds thinner
  • comfort solutions

Just Change One Thing

This workshop shows how just changing one thing can change everything! Staying current and maintaining a pulled together look can be as easy as just changing one thing! You don’t have to spend a fortune or go crazy shopping for the hottest new ensemble; instead reach for that key item that is going to speak volumes.

  • FOR SPRING: Add ONE vibrant unexpected accessory to quickly transform your look.
  • change your – Lipstick, handbag, shoes, raincoat, etc……
  • add -Bangle bracelets, ribbon belts, turquoise earrings, playful scarves, etc……

Help My Honey

This workshop features key ways to update your man’s wardrobe and appearance.  This doesn’t require a major overhaul; a few strategic adjustments can make a major difference.

  • lets talk Trousers
  • eyewear to flatter
  • jackets that fit
  • jeans for every-booty
  • shoes that schmooze
  • tie one on
  • oh shirt!  What’s the best for your honey?

*Included in CENTS OF STYLE® Workshop

Workshops can be arranged for your group on request. You can also catch one of Andy’s workshops at a special event! Visit the Events page to see what’s coming up.