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Make Me Over!

If you are looking to change your life, consider an incredible two or three day in-home Beauty Boot Camp®. Simply submit your request for our menu of services and see how Andy can help you “start over.” Life never looks better than when you know YOU look better!

I was just looking at your web site and was reminded again how much my Beauty Boot Camp with you back in 2007 has meant to me. It literally changed my life. I use the principles you taught me about fit and proportion every day, and continue to receive compliments on how I’m dressed (which is a good feeling for this middle-aged grandmother!). Just last week someone asked me where I get the cute jeans that fit me so well (the answer is Wal-Mart,but apparently I rock them like they are much more expensive. . .). : ) The makeup application tips you shared are also an integral part of my daily prep. I just LOVE wearing makeup now and am always on the lookout for a new product that works for my coloring and skin type, etc.

I gained so much confidence from my makeover that I feel like a different person now. And I realized how important all that information is to me when we had to evacuate our home during the Black Forest wildfire in Colorado Springs this past summer. I had lugged important papers, photo albums and our dog to our daughter’s house in another part of the city . . . and then realized I had forgotten the folder and CD from my Andy Paige boot camp. I snuck back into our evacuated neighborhood in the dark of night (past the police barricades) to retrieve the folder. Totally worth the risk! :)

Thank you for your impact on my life! I feel so fortunate to have worked with you, and I wish you a very bright future.

– Denise Ditmer, Colorado Springs, CO


Andy’s Beauty and Style Services:


Cosmetic Coaching is not a typical makeover! This is a cosmetic course wherein participants are responsible for their own cosmetic application through the guidance of Andy Paige. The goal of this format is the individual mastery of little known application techniques and practices that can be utilized once on your own. The only way to perfect these techniques is to do them yourself and then practice what has been learned.

Personalized Cosmetic Coaching

(Up to 5 hours)

  • Andy will come to your home
  • Evaluate all of your makeup and skin care products
  • The two of you with cleansed skin will sit down in front of individual lighted makeup mirrors and Andy will both demonstrate and instruct you on proper cosmetic application
  • Each phase of the process is captured by digital photography and a CD with photos and personalized tips is created for your future reference
  • This session will include:
    • Choosing the perfect products for your skin type
    • Color selection (foundation, powder, blush, eye shadows, lipstick, etc.)
    • Camouflaging techniques
    • Contouring
    • Evening Looks
    • What to do if you only have five minutes to put on your makeup


Cosmetic Coaching for up to Six People

(Up to 6 hours)

  • Andy will come to the home of the host
  • Gather an intimate group of females who have chosen to approach cosmetic application with a more professional eye
  • Seat everyone at a table with an extensive collection of cosmetics in varying colors, shades and consistencies displayed in the center of the table and at everyone’s disposal
  • Participants and Andy begin with cleansed skin and all of the tools necessary to collectively move through the step-by-step process of cosmetic application and selection
  • Andy demonstrates on herself and guides each participant through her own application process
  • This session also includes:
    • Choosing the perfect products for your skin type
    • Color selection (foundation, powder, blush, eye shadows, lipstick, etc.)
    • Camouflaging techniques
    • Contouring


(Up to 6 hours)

  • Andy will come to your home.
  • Go through your entire closet and regroup your clothes, shoes, accessories and foundation garments.
  • Evaluate what you already have, determine what fashion mistakes are being made and illustrate why.
  • Determine what key items would update what you already have.
  • Create a comprehensive prioritized shopping list.
  • Offer shopping strategies specific to your list that will optimize every dollar spent!
  • Regroup and photograph outfits for future reference.
  • Each phase of the process is captured by digital photography and a CD with photos and personalized tips is created for future reference.
  • (Additional Option) Shopping with Andy, the proof is in the pudding!
    (Up to 9 hours)

    • Andy will go shopping with you to find the key pieces that your wardrobe lacks, personally demonstrating all of her $100 or Less strategies and helping you find the perfect items to update what you already have.


(Up to 20 hours)

Two full days of no-holds-barred beautification! Beauty Boot Camp includes:

  • Personal Cosmetic Coaching
  • Hair Consultation and Grooming Techniques (please see the Booking Policy for information regarding salon visits)
  • Closet Evaluation and Shopping Strategies
  • Shopping with Andy
  • Each phase of the process is captured by digital photography and an extensive personalized CD with photos and specific tips is created for future reference


(Up to 25 hours)

THREE full days of no-holds-barred beautification! The three-day version of this service is more intensive, allowing for more time to be devoted to each step of the process. You will benefit from even more of Andy’s creative instruction, extensive shopping, and wardrobe photos for your instructional CD.


(Or Your Hometown!) (Up to 8 hours)

During your visit to the Big Apple (or Andy’s trip to your hometown), you will hit all the best shops with Andy Paige herself! Discover all of her secrets and favorite bargain-hunting haunts, while she demonstrates the principals of fit and all of her shopping strategies so you will always look like a million bucks even though you’ll have spent much much less! Work from the inside out, shopping for everything from foundation garments to accessories. Your whole day and your purchases will be tailored to your individual needs and budget. Don’t worry if you can’t purchase everything you want that day. You’ll leave knowing exactly what to buy in the future to make the most of your wardrobe!


Andy is available for special occasion cosmetic application, styling or strategic shopping. For an individualized quote, please contact us with the specifics of your event, and what services you are looking for.


Does your mother, daughter, sister, wife or friend need an image overhaul? Rent Andy for the day! Beauty Boot Camp makes a great gift that lasts a lifetime! Gift Certificates are available.


  • Once a mutually agreed upon date and service has been established by both Andy Paige and the client, a booking hold will be placed on that date, for no longer than seven days or until a 50% deposit is received. The remaining 50% will be due at the start of services.
  • Payments may be made with cash, check or money order made payable to Andy Paige, Inc.
  • Travel expenses and overnight accommodations where and when applicable to be provided by the client when traveling outside a 3 hour driving radius of New York City.
  • One night of hotel accommodations will be required for a Beauty Boot Camp outside a 1 hour driving radius of New York City.
  • 48 hour notice for all cancellations and rebooking is required and will be subjected to $100 cancellation and rebooking fee.
  • Andy Paige is not responsible nor is she to be held liable for any allergies, rashes or reactions caused by products or application techniques used during any of the services provided by Andy Paige.
  • For Beauty Boot Camp or Special Occasion Clients: Andy is happy to accompany you to a salon to direct the stylist as to the look she envisions for you as a part of your Beauty Boot Camp or Special Occasion Service. The scheduling of the appointment, as well as any expense incurred at the salon, is to be handled directly between the client and the salon.


Contact us for more information or to book Andy!