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Oh to have a pair of Louboutin’s! For many girls it’s the ultimate fashion and/or shoe fantasy. The red soles of a pair of Louboutin’s are a true cache….at a premium price mind you.  So when I ran across this trend, I fell in love! Now, you can leave a lasting fashion impression with ‘Louboutin Nails!’…yep, finger nails.  Price tag, less than $5!  

Just as a pair of Louboutin shoes are all about what’s underneath, ‘Louboutin Nails’ are about painting the underneath of your nails for a fabulous unexpected touch of color. Classic Louboutin would be red, but you can choose any combination of shades. I love the idea of basic nude nails that have bright flashes of color underneath. What a great way to coordinate wedding colors, your prom dress or just a fun date night look. I love it!

This trend will work great if you are an extended-wear shalac gel user, because the top color is baked to an opaque finish, so the underneath color won’t be detected.  But no matter, simply turn your hand over and apply an accent nail color to the bottom side of your nails and use a q-tip with acetone to remove excess paint from your skin.

The unexpected is what fashion is all about and this is a fun and cheap trend that is sure to get you some attention.


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