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80s Black Leather

If you never ditched your collection of 80s black leather, praying for the day you’d be able to sport it once more with “early-adopter” swagger, you, my dear, are in luck!
80s-style black leather jackets, skirts, and coats are all back in a big way for Fall/Winter 2018.
Oversized, big shoulders and heavy zippers are just a few of the identifying features of 80s fashion that are once again trending this season. Run…do not walk…to your storage area, and pray that jacket that made you the coolest person in the club back in the day is ready to work for you again.
Your old leather can be taken to a cobbler or shoe repair for an overhaul. You can get jacket zippers repaired, the leather mended and the entire coat polished just like new.
If you are new to the black leather trend, remember this segment and don’t throw your leather coats away when they are not feeling as fresh and trendy. The day will come 20 years from now when you’ll be thrilled you still have them, I promise.
You can do this!